Selling your home in a standard sale

It's a seller's market in Los Angeles right now. In fact, we're currently seeing bidding wars in many areas of the LA market.

The differences between homes that sell quickly and those that languish on the market are often subtle. A number of factors come into play when selling. These include, but are not limited to, the neighborhood you are located in, your home's amenities, how well your home shows when prospective buyers visit it and, of course, pricing is always a factor. 

You may also find it surprising that open houses aren't the primary source of new home buyers. Recent statistics indicate that fewer than 5% of home sales come through open houses while nearly 45% of all home buyers start their search online. Having a real estate agent that understands buyer behavior can have a significant impact on your ability to sell and final price

Right now, there are a lot of agents that are trying to double-end sales (meaning that they want the commissions for both sides of the transactions). Great for the agent but not so good for you. All of my listing go into the MLS and are distributed to a wide variety of other sites. This gives you the widest exposure possible for your home and will usually lead to the highest price.

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