Using a short sale to sell your home

Los Angeles real estate prices have changed so much since the beginning of 2013 that even if you think you owe more on your home than it is worth, that may no longer be the case. The only way to know for sure is to talk with an agent. I'll be happy to come to your home and give you a pricing evaluation. You can call me at 818-728-1100 to setup an appointment or you can use my contact form.


If you do owe more on your home than you can sell it for, then you may need to go through a short sale. It can be a frightening prospect but having an agent who understands the process can make things a lot easier for you. 

It doesn't matter if you have received a foreclosure notice. It doesn't even matter if a date has been set for a foreclosure. I may be able to stop that process in its tracks; buying you more time in your house and saving you from the more devistating impact to your credit record caused by a foreclosure. 

Get my written guide to short sales at no cost and without any obligation. Just contact me by clicking here.


The guide contains answers to a wide variety of questions including:


  • Can you save your home?

  • Is bankruptcy an option for saving your home?

  • What about loan modification?

  • Which is harder on your credit, a short sale or a foreclosure?

  • How should you price your home?

  • Are there any costs associated with a short sale?

  • Can your lender sue you?


And much, much more. The guide is completely FREE. You can request it through the contact form or by calling the phone number above.